Teny nalaina : Malagasikara

1699Headlam Cecil (editor) : Calendar of State Papers
takila 288
He has made his whole information in three distinct depositions. His first is of his manner of coming out of England and how he came to be joined with those knot of villains, as also what buccaneers one Captain Shelly brought over from Malagaskar ... By what blind intelligence I have at present, this Captain Shelly has brought these buccaneers, which was to the number of eighty or ninety passengers from Malagaskar, was cleared from New York about ten months ago... Turner has likewise given an account what buccaneers was at Malagaskar and their numbers.

1883Saleh bin Osman : The Story of my Life
When we 'rrive in Malagascar, we stopped at Noosbay... This man Frenchman. He name Admirally Pierre. He fight in Malagascar... That all my story travel in Malagascar with Admirally.