Teny iditra King Radama's Word
Sokajin-teny anarana (lohatenin' boky na teatira)
Zana-dohateny John Aikin's Adventures in Madagascar with a brief narrative of further events in that country
Mpanoratra Thynne Robert, 1899
Mpamoaka boky 1899. John Hogg, 13 Paternoster Row, London.
Habeny Takila: 381.
Tsanganana sy sary iray takila Ny lohateny rehetra
Presently I saw one of these vine-clad trees, and said to myself, "There can be no doubt about it - that is the faungidge," such being the native name.
Here the tandraka sleeps without need of food of any sort, and indeed is quite as plump as during its more active existence.