the last; offspring, children, an heir, succession, progeny. [Ar. fark, pulus (=furar). Comp. the Heb. par, a calf, a young bull; Germ. farr; also the Heb. bar, son, and the whole group of words from the same root (as parah=barah; Sansk. bhri (Zend. bara); Gr. phero; Lat. fero=Eng. bear, etc.] [Richardson 1885]
the last; the supreme; a descendant, a child [Hallanger 1973]
fara letsy
[letsy, going down.] The last, the end. (Prov.) [Richardson 1885]
The end, the last, the conclusion, the extremity, the close. [Richardson 1885]
faravaton' Ijanga
[vato, a stone, Ijanga, a man's name.] The last stone thrown in any game of pitching or throwing, a lucky stone, a fortunate stone [Richardson 1885]
last, final. [Richardson 1885]
a shoemaker's last [Richardson 1885]
a mold, a last, a form for fashioning something [Hallanger 1973]
to bear, to carry on; to last [Hallanger 1973]
To be last, to be at the end. [Richardson 1885]